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Child Welfare
"Going to Katies, be back tomorrow.... sometime...."  
Hear that often?  Ever wonder if your child is really spending quality time with their best buddy? 
Are you leaving for the weekend and your 17 year old is home alone?  Does your child have lots of new stuff with no real way to account for it?
Today's society is full of temptations.  We love our children and generally trust them, but sometimes we pick up on subtle clues that something is just not right.
Has your child's behavior or demeanor changed? Below are some clues to look for:
  • has changed from being a nice kid to very mean and angry all the time.


  • is wearing all black or has become very sloppy in attire.


  • has become apathetic and disinterested in life.


  • has been ignoring curfew or failing to come home.


  • frequently has red eyes or carries eye drops.


  • finds reasons to use cleaning supplies or smells like chemicals.


  • has a lot of cold preparations in room or schoolbag.


  • has other strange household items in room or schoolbag along with nifty little gadgets.


  • It seems like your prescription medications are being used faster than they should be.


  • has close friends that you suspect are abusing substances.


  • looks thinner but denies losing weight.


  • is eating you out of house and home after a night out with friends.
If your child displays any of these behavioral changes, they could be in over their head.
We are also experienced to locate and recover runaway teens.
Contact us  to discuss legal and confidential options for determining your child's risk of involvement in illegal or dangerous activities.
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