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Nothing is worse for a small business owner than to discover that your hard earned property is taken from you.  Whether you are a business owner, or private residence that is getting hit, we can help.


Loss Prevention
In today's economy your small business cannot afford to "not afford" loss prevention. 
  • 30% of business losses come from shoplifting.


  • 48% of those losses are due to internal theft


  • One in a hundred shoppers, steals.


  • By the time you catch your internal (employee) thieves, they have already stolen more than ten times what you are aware.
  • We can provide "in store" presence to detect criminal activty.


  • We can provide "Integrity" interviews with employees to determine loss, gain confessions, and signed statements. 


  • We will provide legal reports to assist in prosecution, and appear in court if necessary.


  • We can assist you with the recovery of civil penalties due to victims of retail theft.
Are you aware that Montana Law allows victims of retail theft (shoplifting) to collect a civil penalty of the cost of the lost item or $100, whichever is greater plus restitution equal to the loss of any goods due to damage?
A small retail business suffers a shoplifting loss of a $15 music CD.
The CD is recovered, but damaged and not suitable for resale.
The small business owner is entitled by law to recover $115.00 from the shoplifter.
Your small business does not have to suffer losses any longer Contact us 

Personal Theft
Is someone repeatedly coming onto your property and stealing your belongings?
Are things missing that you cannot account for?
Contact us to discuss how we can help.